What Car is the Best Deal For You?

Know What the Best Deal is Before You Walk out the Door

Another Happy Customer

Another Happy Customer

When it comes down to picking out your next car, there is only one issue that really matters — is this vehicle the best value for me? The Honest Car Dealer has picked out the best 2012 car deals and is happy to share them with you. Obviously, there are many car categories, luxury levels, and market segments for us to rate, so in this article we will only be covering the best of the best.

Find Great Deals and Value With Purchasing a Vehicle that was Named Best Overall Value

  • Compact Passenger Car – Honda Insight – This amazing compact has room to seat five adults comfortably and achieves amazing gas mileage. With 41MPG city and 44MPG highway, the Insight allows you to travel hundreds of miles between fill ups. Gas prices have continued to remain unstable and the Insight can help remove the uncertainty at the pump.
  • Crossover/Wagon – Toyota Prius v – The Prius was the first vehicle that helped spark the hybrid movement. The Prius is able to get an EPA estimated 44/40 MPG and will also help you at the pump. The Prius also offers a lot of cargo room – 67.3 cubic feet to be exact. With 60/40 folding seats you will have the ability to store anything in your Prius
  • Luxury Passenger Car – Infiniti M37 – The M37 is everything you could ever want, loaded into a passenger car. The performance is top-notch and so is the comfort level. The M37 is also offered in a hybrid version to help save on fuel costs and help improve the environment.
  • Full-Size SUV – Chevrolet Tahoe – Thanks to improvements in engine design the Tahoe gets 21MPG on the highway and is also able to tow up to 8500 pounds. It is also able to travel off road with easy to help you get to any cabin far off in the woods. The Tahoe also has 108.9 cubic feet of storage space, which is a cavernous.


The HonestCarDealer hopes that you found this information useful and that your next automobile purchase is a successful one with the best 2012 car deals.

June 15, 2012 by Jamie Rettig