Buying a Car from the Internet

Now more than ever, people are buying vehicles through Internet shopping and the “virtual showrooms” of car dealerships. Buying a car through the Internet allows shoppers to read vehicle reviews, check out pictures, and price their most wanted cars, all online. Is this the best way to buy a new car? Will this path to vehicle ownership get you a lower price on your dream car? Let’s explore some information to decide if Internet vehicle buying is the best choice for everyone.

Internet Salespeople vs. Typical Salespeople

Most dealerships now have Internet Departments, where informed vehicle shoppers can circumvent the typical salespeople lurking around the dealership and get a quick bottom-line price through phone or email. This reduces haggling, because if you don’t like the price that one dealer gives you over the Internet or phone, you can simply contact another dealer. For most Internet Departments at car dealerships, it is more important to sell higher numbers of cars than to receive maximum profit on the cars.

Internet Department salespeople are pretty straightforward. A traditional salesperson usually tries to sell a car as close to the sticker price as possible, whereas Internet Salespeople often name a price that is much lower than the sticker price. They also do not typically try to make more money with secondary items like higher finance charges.

Internet customers do not want the typical sales pitch. They just want the bottom line numbers. The traditional car salesperson uses a variety of psychological and sales tactics to get buyers excited, hurry them to make a deal, and of course try to sell the vehicle at the highest profit. Their job is to pressure customers into purchasing and spending the highest possible amount of money.

Shop Without the Pressure

If you do your research about the vehicles you like online, you can find out everything you need to know about features, options, driving dynamics, price ranges, and other factors. Instead of spending hours on a dealership lot, negotiating and being pressured, it is a good idea to call the Internet Sales Managers of several dealerships to get the best prices on your favorite vehicle. Then you can pick the best option from the comfort of your own home, making sound decisions and having time to think without salespeople staring at you or that new car smell swaying your judgment.

March 19, 2013 by Jamie Rettig