Car Shopping and Buying Advice for Women

Pretty young woman driving her new carThe car shopping and buying experience is often different for women than it is for men. Sorry, women of the world (myself included), but we are still treated differently when it comes to automotive conversation, negotiations, and sales. Here are some tips for women to follow when shopping and buying a vehicle. Since that car payment is one you’ll make every month, it is important to take the whole process seriously, and just as important to do your research before you start.

Car Buying Tips for Women

  • Be a master of negotiations! Plan to haggle and bargain so you can get the price you want and deserve on a vehicle. Even if you are nervous about this, just put on your game face and act like you’ve done it a million times! Throw out a pretty low price, and see how far you can get the dealer to come down. It doesn’t hurt to try, try, and try again.
  • Be selective! You can be picky and order the precise vehicle you really want, even if it’s not on the lot. If the cars available have lots of features added that you really don’t need or want, don’t feel like you have to take what’s there. Do not settle for a vehicle unless it is the exact vehicle you want.
  • Think outside the box! Don’t let yourself get labeled into a certain type of driver or vehicle buyer by a dealer. For example, just because you have kids doesn’t mean you need a minivan (although you might want one)! Just because you wear designer boots does not mean you need a luxury vehicle. In other words, don’t let a dealer talk you into something you don’t actually want!
  • Be prepared! Read reviews about vehicles online. A great place to start is or, which are sites that offer unbiased reviews, suggestions, and information. You may find that the car you’ve been eyeing has a horribly uncomfortable ride, or that the car you didn’t think you wanted is actually worth a test drive. Read up!

There is no reason that women should walk into a car dealership and be treated differently than men, but unfortunately it happens all the time. However, if you follow these tips and prepare yourself, you will knock the socks off the salesperson and get the car you want at the price you deserve!

March 9, 2013 by Jamie Rettig