Get a $7500 Tax Credit on the new Chevy Volt

The Best Deal Dealers Don’t Know About

leasing a carDealers might know about this under the radar bargain but they may not want you to know. The Chevy Volt, General Motor’s major player in the electric car game is cheap. It’s so cheap that it’s an almost irresistible deal if you are ready to jump into the electric car market right now. The Volt has amazing efficiency numbers; drivers who charge up their cars regularly and rarely have to use the gas powered engine may get 900 miles between fill ups. You can also travel 380 miles on a charged up battery and a full tank of gas, and 35 miles without any gas. So why is Chevrolet practically giving away the electric Volt right now?

Volt Tax Credit

That’s right! The federal government is helping make the Volt cheaper! The U.S. Government wants to have more fuel efficient and cleaner electric vehicles on the road in the future, to save on energy costs and improve air quality. Depending on where you live and what your income and tax situation is you could receive as much $7,500 in tax credit just for buying a Chevrolet Volt! That’s a serious chunk of the Volt’s $39,000 price tag. That puts it at $31,500, which is already a decent price for a car that you may never have to buy gas for.

General Motors Tax Incentives

General Motors is practically giving the Volt away, offering serious incentives, especially on leasing a new Volt. One can only imagine that the strategy is to get the cars on the road, and gain a reputation as a dependable and useful electric car. Once the Volt has become a more desirable vehicle Chevy will be able to charge what it really costs to make, because right now they may even be taking a loss.

For a savvy car buyer that’s ready to install a 220v outlet in their garage the Volt is an amazing deal right now, not only because with combined rebates you end up with a fantastic car for around $20,000, but because of how much money you’ll inevitably end up saving on gas. If you’re shopping for a hybrid, or any vehicle, the Volt is worth a look.

October 12, 2012 by Jamie Rettig