Do You Really Need All Those Extras?

It’s one of the worst parts of buying a car, going through the gauntlet of “offers” the dealer tries to add on before you see the bottom line and sign the paperwork. But do you need all of those dealer extras? Or any of them? Honest Car Dealer is here with the answers.Woman reading contract

We want to get the most common add-on out of the way: the extended warranty. Some dealers will tell you its necessary, some drivers will say it’s a joke. The truth is that it’s somewhere in between, and it’s a decision you have to make on your own. But know that you can add extended warranty coverage onto your new vehicle after the fact, without going through the dealership, and it often costs less.

Can You Do It Yourself?

One of the first things you should be asking yourself after “do I need this add-on?” is “can I do this myself?” Believe it or not, there are many dealer add-ons that you can do yourself for a fraction of the price:

  • Paint protection is often just a thin coating, but it’s nothing you can’t buy and apply yourself. Look for the best polymer sealant car wax you can find; we’re confident it will cost nothing compared to having the dealer apply it.
  • Fabric protection can often be accomplished with just a can of Scotchgard, as long as you’re careful to hit every inch of your seating material. Like the paint protection, this is an easy DIY job that could save you quite a bit of cash.
  • Window tinting is another popular feature that you can either have done for you at an aftermarket service center or do for yourself if you know a thing or two about working on your car. The same goes for pinstripes or alarm systems.

Usually, if a dealer is trying to sell you one or more of these add-ons, they receive a commission on each one of them, and you should be wary of trusting a car dealer who isn’t upfront about this.

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We do our best to shine lights on the myths about buying and owning a car, keeping other dealers honest in their business practices by making you an informed driver and car buyer. Be sure to keep checking back here for our tips on being one step ahead of a dealer who may be trying to take advantage of you.

March 20, 2015 by launchadmin