Don’t Trade in Your Convertible or Luxury Sports Car in Winter

So you’ve enjoyed your luxury convertible or sports coupe for a few years and now you’re ready for a new car. Well, there’s something you should know: with winter weather still going to hang around for another few months, don’t expect for a car dealership to get excited about your trade in vehicle. If you sell now, you may get thousands less than if you were to trade in during the convertible seasons. Our advice is to wait until spring.

What’s the Weather Like Outside?

Do you want to drive your coupe in the snow? How about put the top down? Unless you live in southern California or Florida, most drivers are not going to be interested in buying a luxury convertible right now. A dealership will still take your car, but they know it’s going to sit on the lot until summer, taking up space that could have gone to an SUV with all-wheel drive.

Used cars and trade-ins still fall under the basic economical principle of supply and demand. It’s better to wait until the warm weather hits before bringing the car to the dealership.

Sell Your Car Privately

If you’re really desperate to sell your car now, you might have better luck trying to sell your car privately. Thanks to the internet, you can target drivers in warmer areas who may be looking for a convertible right now. A lot of people don’t like dealing with the hassle of privately selling and dealing with buyers, but it’s potentially a way to make more money than at the dealership.

Consider the Price of Gas

The thing about sports cars is they are rarely fuel efficient. Besides the weather, the other thing you’ll want to pay attention to is the price of gas. If there’s a fuel shortage, your car will not be in demand. Likewise, you should try to sell your car at the beginning of the summer when a dealership will have plenty of opportunity to sell a fun summer car and the gas prices haven’t gotten out of hand yet.

What’s Popular in Your Area?

My parents retired to an area in Florida where you’ll find a Bentley or Rolls Royce parked on every street. Go over a couple towns and people only drive cars worth a few hundred dollars. When buying a used car, dealerships look at what’s popular in the area. You can do this too using websites like Auto Trader. If you’re sports coupe isn’t popular in your town, take a trip to where it’s worth more.

January 2, 2014 by Jamie Rettig