Honest Car Dealer Will Help you Get a Good Deal!

How to be Sure You Found a Good Deal on a Car

There was a time that the honest car dealer was considered a myth right up there with unicorns and elves. There’s been a long and storied history of villainous car dealers that fix up a vehicle just enough to get it off the lot, much to the chagrin of the poor sap behind the wheel.

While times have gotten better, we still want to make sure you aren’t taken advantage of in your search for a new or pre-owned vehicle.

If it Seems too Good to be True, it Probably Is

Woman purchasing a carDo your research on the vehicle(s) you are searching for; if a car dealership is offering you an amazing deal on the car of your dreams, there’s a good chance that you’ll regret that purchase pretty quickly.

Underhanded tactics aside, the majority of respectable auto dealers aren’t in the habit of telling you about all the deals you can take advantage of at their and other dealerships, so let us give you a rundown of tactics that can get you a better deal on your new car.

Choose the best time to buy- You’re best off coming in at the end of a sales week, after the 25th of the month, or around the end of the year. All of these times are when the sales staff will be trying to hit goals and will be more willing to cut you a deal.

Take advantage of rebates- There are many rebates that manufacturers have available that you are able to take advantage of. Negotiate the lowest price you are able to before talking with the dealer about a rebate, but be careful, some of them have some pretty hefty strings attached.

Keep a clear head- Do not negotiate on the price of a vehicle when you are pressed for time or when you’ve got matters other than car shopping on your mind. It’s the dealer’s job to sell you a car at the greatest profit to their employer, and it’s your job to get the best deal possible. You’ll have a hard time doing that if your head isn’t in the game.

Don’t feel pressured- Remember, while they are selling you a car, you’re doing them a service. Let them know that you know you have other options, and don’t ever let a salesperson strong arm you into a vehicle and a price that you are not 100% happy with.

You Have an Honest Car Dealer in Your Corner

We make it our goal at Honest Car Dealer to educate drivers in the tactics that will best help them in the search for their new vehicle, including letting out industry secrets and tactics that auto dealerships use to get the most money out of unsuspecting customers. So check out our website frequently for news and updates as you go about your car search!

August 30, 2012 by Jamie Rettig