Increase Your Fuel Efficiency by Hypermiling

Learn How Hypermiling Can Help Save Fuel

fuel gauge

Many drivers are looking for different fuel saving techniques to help save money each month at the gas pump. One great way of saving your vehicle’s fuel is through a technique called hypermiling. When you learn how to hypermile you will quickly notice how much your gas mileage improves, which will also lower the amount of work your vehicle will have to do in the long run.

  • Accelerate slowly – The biggest mistake drivers is make is the way they accelerate after being at a dead stop sign or light. After being at a dead stop, accelerate your vehicle slowly until you’ve reached your desired speed. When you accelerate slowly, you lower the amount of gas your vehicle uses.
  • Use cruise control – Do you normally do a lot of driving for work? A quick and easy way to save gas is by using your cruise control. If you do a lot of driving and you have to fill up often, it can take a major toll on your wallet. Driving at a consistent speed is a great and easy way to save money on fuel.
  • Go easy on your brakes – Sometimes drivers can’t help but press hard on their brakes, but it’s important to make sure you’re slowly pressing on your brakes until you’ve come to a complete stop.
  • Don’t let your vehicle idle – If you’re going to be sitting in your vehicle or away from it for more than one minute, turn your engine off. Doing this will improve your fuel efficiency by 19 percent. Chicago winters can be tough, but letting your vehicle idle while warming up can decrease your fuel economy drastically.
  • Choose the smarter route – Do you have a lot of errands to do on the weekend? Visit the furthest location first and go to the other destinations on your way home. This works great in the winter because it allows your vehicle to warm up longer than it would if you keep making shorter stops first.

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May 31, 2012 by Jamie Rettig