Myths about Warranty Requirements

Automotive Warranty Myths, Helpful Tips From Honest Car Dealer

discussion over carIf you’re considering upgrading parts of your car you may be worried about how those upgrades will affect your vehicle’s warranty eligibility. Many people perpetuate the myth that any aftermarket upgrades automatically void the vehicle warranty, meaning you’ll be out of luck should something go wrong with your car after you upgrade it. This is not true and Honest Car Dealer is here with some helpful information that will shed some light on this myth and what it means for you and your warranty.

Vehicle Upgrades Do Not Automatically Void Warranties

For those that choose to upgrade their vehicle with aftermarket parts, a major concern is what happens to their warranty. Many dealerships will tell you that any modifications to the vehicle that aren’t performed by an authorized service station will void the warranty. This simply isn’t true. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 is a federal statute which states that any performance-enhancing modification does not automatically void a vehicle’s warranty unless it is explicitly expressed in the warranty itself. If the warranty clearly expresses that aftermarket adjustments void the warranty or it can be proven that the modifications made were the cause of damage then the warranty may be denied, but only under these circumstances.

Furthermore, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act also states that manufacturers are prohibited from requiring service or maintenance items unless they are covered under the warranty free of charge. This means that if your new vehicle doesn’t come with a complimentary service plan, you are not obligated to have service to maintain your warranty. The main point here is that the dealer must be able to prove that the modifications that you made were the direct cause of damage in order to deny you any warranty coverage.

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September 8, 2012 by Jamie Rettig