Debunking 5 Common Tire Care Myths

Most people mainly focus on their vehicles when it comes to maintenance and repair, but have you ever thought to know more about your tires? Without wheels, your automobile is just a piece of metal, so it’s important to make sure you know the truth about tire products and care.

The Truth About Tires

  • All-season tires are not better than “summer” or “three-season” tires when dealing with wet roads. Actually, all-season tires are better in snow and sub-freezing temperatures.
  • If you have tire tread, it doesn’t mean it’s still good. What is good is having the knowledge to know you should replace your tires every five or six years. The older a tire gets, the more wear is caused, giving more opportunity for an accident.
  • If you overdo it on the air pressure and surpass the “max press” number on the sidewall, your new tire will not pop but an old or damaged tire will. With new tires, you can even get away with a large amount above the “max press” number – there is a limit though so don’t be brash.
  • The correct inflation pressure for your tire is not based on the “max press” number but the number your automotive maker tells you. This number is required by government law to appear in a placard located in your vehicle. It may be on your doorjamb, glove box, or console. If you cannot find it, consult the owner’s manual or call your dealer.
  • Brand-named tires are better than budget-brand tires. We know that everyone is looking to save money, but when it comes to your tires, it’s good to get the best quality for a little more money. Budget brands usually have what’s legal to be able to sell, but that’s it. By not putting emphasis on qualities like tread, traction, water resistance, or noise, you will end up buying them more often.

Choose Honest Car Dealer for Reliable Automobile Knowledge

Knowing you have the right information can sometimes be hard when researching online. However, you can trust that Honest Car Dealer is, well, honest when it comes to giving you tips on everything from car parts to the car itself. We guarantee that our vehicle knowledge is the right one to choose.

September 23, 2012 by Jamie Rettig