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Five Do-It-Yourself Tips That Can Save Car Owners Plenty of Money

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The Honest Car Dealer knows that these days, car owners need to keep an eye on every penny. That’s why we’d like to tell you about 5 DIY things you can do for your car.   Even though cars are becoming more technologically advanced, when it comes to maintenance, there are still plenty of things you can do yourself that can make a big difference to your wallet’s bottom line.

Try These Money-Saving Fixes You Can Do at Home

Smart car owners are always on the lookout for money saving tips. Below are a few simple steps that you can take to save money on car maintenance.

  • DIY paint touch-ups — Rather than having your car’s minor scrapes and dings professionally retouched, we encourage the economical car owner to touch up small scratches and chips themselves.  Touch-up paint is generally available in a variety of colors for just a few dollars at your local auto-parts store or car dealership.  Usually, it even comes in a bottle that contains a applicator tip, cutting down on mess and extra money spent on brushes.
  • Replace own light bulbs —These days, changing a light bulb on most cars is extremely simple.  Generally all that is required to change a bulb is a screwdriver to remove the bulb’s cover. Most bulbs simply push in to place or have a twist-and-pull bayonet base.  Bulb specifications are usually located in the owner’s manual, and may be found in the index under “lamps” rather than “bulbs.”
  • Keep your vehicle washed and waxed — Keeping a clean and shiny car is about more than just vanity.  Giving your car a wash removes road grime and preserves your automobile’s paint-life. Also, cleaning your car’s exterior will cause you to focus in on chips or dings you may not have noticed at a passing glance.
  • Clean your wipers —  Gently wiping your windshield wipers with a wet cloth can extend their life considerably
  • Keep the haze off your headlights —The clear plastic that is covering most modern headlamps can grow hazy over the years.  Various types of affordable restoration kits are available at auto parts stores to combat this exact problem.

Trust The Honest Car Dealer With Your Maintenance and Car Buying Questions

The Honest Car Dealer strives to provide our readers with useful information on both car maintenance and car buying advice. Our goal is to provide answers to common questions held by today’s drivers.  Be sure to check in with us frequently for more tips and recommendations!


July 19, 2012 by Jamie Rettig