Secrets of Sleazy Car Dealers

While many car dealers are on the up-and-up these days, there are still quite a few used car dealers—as well as some new car dealerships—that use some underhanded tactics to get you to make a bad decision with your money. At Honest Car Dealer, we are all about exposing those tactics so that you can invest your money wisely and not be sold a lemon.New Car Purchase

Today, we want to cover some of the secrets that sleazy car dealers use to try to sell you a car you probably shouldn’t be buying.

How They Take Your Money

Some of these techniques may be unethical, others illegal, but car dealers are often pretty sneaky about how they get away with these things. The best thing we can advise is to be on the lookout for them before they take advantage of you:

  • They inflate prices. This might not sound like a way to steal your money, but when they inflate the prices and then “slash” them down to above the Kelley Blue Book value for a car, they’re making money and making you feel like you got a deal. The best way to protect yourself is to research the value of cars before going shopping.
  • They dodge questions. If you’ve asked about what kind of driving, highway or city, your next car has been doing or whether or not its maintenance has been kept up with and are met with anything but an exact answer, you’re likely being lied to. The only remedy for this kind of trick is to go somewhere else.
  • They prey on your vulnerabilities. The more a car dealer knows about you, the more they can take advantage of you. If you catch them appealing to your student loan debt or the need to be able to take your kids to school in a dependable car, they could be sympathizing, but more likely they’re trying to win you over.

There’s more you need to worry about—they might tell you that you can’t take a test drive today or that you shouldn’t think anything of the bit of odd-colored paint that could be hiding rust of collision damage—but we can’t cover everything. The short of it is to remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Come Back for More

Be sure to bookmark our blog for the next time you’re shopping for a new or used car and check back regularly for more tips on shopping for and caring for your new vehicle. We’re the car dealer you know you can trust.

April 22, 2015 by launchadmin