Learning Spare Tire Knowledge Could Be Key To Your Car’s Longevity

A Little Spare Tire Knowledge Could Be a Key to Your Car’s Longevity

With all of the intricate elements of a modern car, the spare tire is usually the last you might think about checking up on, or maintaining. After all, it’s not getting much use — actually it’s not getting ANY use, it’s merely sitting in your truck collecting dust and other debris — until you need, that is. Although you may not be aware of it, there are actually a few different types of spare tires, and it’s vital that you check your spare tires monthly, otherwise they may not be ready when you need them.

It Doesn’t Take Much To Keep Various Spare Tires in Prime Working Order

Easily the most versatile of the spare tire family are the full-size space tires and wheels. Simply put, these are identical components to the ones that are currently attached to your vehicle. As long as these tires are fully pumped up, they’re ready to be put on your car immediately, and driven on indefinitely. The most common spare tires are probably of the temporary variety. Although these tires are the same size as the ones are your car, they merely function to get your car to a certified repair technician, so that they may put on permanent ones. It is definitely not recommended that you continue driving on such tires. Another variety of the temporary spare is the compact spare. We’ve all seen these before – they are skinnier and shorter than the standard kind. It’s important to note that the temporary spare that comes with your vehicle is designed to fit that vehicle only. You should never use a temporary spare and wheel on another vehicle, unless it is the exact same make and model. In reference to maintaining your spare tires, Tirerack.com says, “Check the spare tire’s air pressure with a tire pressure gauge on a monthly basis. There’s nothing more aggravating than a flat spare when you have a flat tire.”


Maintaining your vehicle is of the utmost importance in extending its overall lifespan, as well as keeping you out of harm’s way. With a little knowledge about spare tires, and how to maintain them, you’re sure to come away with a vehicle that will keep you happy and on the move for years to come.

July 22, 2012 by Jamie Rettig