Tips for Driving During Winter Weather

Maybe you are a new driver and never paid attention while your parents navigated through the snow in the family car. Maybe you just moved north from a warmer climate. Maybe you just want to improve your winter driving skills to be safer on the road this winter. Whatever the reason is, it’s always worth improving your winter driving skills. Here are a few tips to help you and your passengers stay safe this winter.

  • Drive slower! Sliding into a ditch and getting stuck in the snow is definitely going to take more time than driving a few miles per hour slower.
  • Brake slowly, too. If you slam on the brakes when it’s slippery, your wheels can lock up and slide. This applies to anti-lock brakes as well. When traction is poor it takes more time to stop and you should take this into account.
  • Turn slowly. Take it easy when changing lanes, and take corners slowly. If you start to slide, don’t violently overcorrect. That may send you into a spin.
  • Keep your lights on even during the day. Visibility is lower during the short days of winter even, if it isn’t snowing at the time.
  • Keep your front and rear windshields clean. If your windshield is dirty or covered with ice, it’s hard to see potential hazards.
  • Watch out for spots where ice can form easily. Shady areas, bridges, overpasses, and low traffic roads are prone to develop patches of ice even if it is above freezing.
  • If you choose to pass a snow plow, be prepared for poor road conditions ahead. Not only that but a plow might not have good visibility and it could be dangerous.
  • Even if you’re driving a car with four-wheel drive and winter tires, that doesn’t mean that you can tackle any conditions.
  • Go prepared: pack supplies like food and water, a blanket or sleeping bag, a shovel, sand or cat litter, and lighter or matches just in case you get stranded.
  • Watch the weather. The best way to stay safe during the winter is to avoid bad conditions. If there’s going to be a blizzard and you can avoid driving through it, then that’s the best way to avoid an accident.

Stay safe out there this winter and visit Honest Car Dealer for driving tips.

December 10, 2012 by Jamie Rettig