What Voids a Car’s Warranty?

You may have heard that automakers are becoming more lenient when it comes to modifications, letting drivers keep their warranty in many cases, but the truth is that Getting a car warrantymost of those cases end up being the kinds of things people go to court over. It’s rare that automakers actually encourage drivers to add on, say, a supercharger and then cover any potential damage to the vehicle.

Most dealerships will try to find a way out of the warranty if they can, and any kind of aftermarket add-ons will be giant red flags. Aside from that though, what else could void your car’s warranty?

How to Maintain Your Warranty

If you want to maintain your warranty, you need to do your best to avoid the following things:

  • Altering your odometer: It doesn’t matter if you’ve had your car for a day or for ten years, if they see that your odometer has been altered, they can’t know what its true mileage is and can completely ignore your warranty because of it.
  • Environmental damage: Fires, earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters are the kinds of things covered by insurance, and even if any damaged parts would be covered by your warranty, they typically exclude so-called “acts of god.”
  • Misuse of the vehicle: This is quite a broad category, and aside from the aftermarket effects, it’s one of the most common reasons drivers are denied their warranty coverage. The biggest culprit of the “misuse of vehicle” denial of your warranty is auto racing. There are message boards that detail license plates of amateur racers, and dealerships can use that to deny you your warranty.
  • Dirty/improper fluids: Sugar in the gas tank or putting petrol in your diesel engine can cause damage to your vehicle, and it won’t be covered by your warranty—again, you’ll want to look to insurance if you think someone has spiked your gas with sugar.
  • Irregular maintenance: If you don’t have a record of regular maintenance and it looks like damage has been caused because of that, few automakers will cover your vehicle under warranty. Be sure to get that oil changed!

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December 2, 2014 by launchadmin