When (and When Not) to Buy a Car

Woman purchasing a carYou may not know this, but there are good times and bad times to buy a car. Don’t let a dealer convince you that right now is necessarily the best time to seal the deal.

Car-Buying Considerations

  • Winter months are the least active for car purchases, so that’s when you’ll find the most comprehensive discounts. On the other hand, inventories are slimmer during winter. You may have to settle for a less-popular color or a trim that wouldn’t be your first choice. Do you prefer a wider selection, or a more affordable purchase? It’s up to you.
  • Some analysts estimate that the best time to buy a car is just around Labor Day. Dealers want to get rid of outgoing models and often want to unload last year’s cars. After all, dealers have finite space on their lots, and the newer models generally take precedence over older ones.
  • Dealers will offer you discounts, rebates, lower interest rates, or other incentives. They may also offer longer loans and looser credit for upscale cars.
  • Be flexible. Dealers can sense when you’re fixated on a particular make or model. Have a range of options in mind, and keep an open mind.

Car-Buying Don’ts

  • Don’t buy in spring. With tax refund checks circulating and better driving conditions, the car business heats up. This is not the time to buy. Dealers aren’t offering many incentives, and the next model year’s cars are not yet in stock.
  • Don’t go in cold. Use the Internet to research your car purchase—prices, features, and dealerships. Contact dealerships to get quotes. Make offers.
  • Don’t expect serious incentives for brand-new models. These cars often aren’t eligible for discounts, or are so in-demand that dealers don’t want to apply discounts to them.

Read Honest Car Dealer for More Car-Buying Tips

If you’re a driver or car buyer who wants to know more about how to buy a car—what to look for, what to avoid—keep reading Honest Car Dealer. We tell the truth about the car-buying process!

October 22, 2015 by launchadmin