When Will You Get the Best Deal on a Car?

Every car shopper wants to walk away from a dealership with the very best deal on the car of their dreams. Nobody wants to feel ripped off or taken advantage of during the vehicle buying process. Fortunately, when you put in some effort and follow some of Honest Car Dealer’s tips below, you’ll Warrantywalk away from the lot with a great deal.

Timing is Everything

One thing that many car shoppers don’t realize is that the time you choose to purchase your next car can make a world of a difference. When you shop during the following times, you drastically increase your chances of getting the best deal:

  • Early in the Week: Dealerships are packed on the weekends so when you shop during the beginning of the week, you avoid the crowd and get the undivided attention you deserve.
  • Negotiate Late in the Day:When you’ve decided on a specific model and done your research, it’s best to negotiate late in the day. Car salesmen are anxious to get home and are more willing to give you the deal you want when the dealership is about to close.
  • End of the Month or Quarter:By the end of the month or quarter, salesmen are usually working hard to meet their monthly and quarterly goals. Therefore, they are more likely to accept negotiations to meet these goals last minute.
  • End of the Year:As the new year approaches, dealerships will do whatever it takes to meet end of the year sales quotas. This means that they are likely to reduce taxes and fees on year-end inventory. In addition, newer models may be in greater supply, allowing salesmen to be more flexible with pricing.
  • Late Summer or Early Fall:In August or September, new model year vehicles hit dealer inventories. Buyers benefit from the changeover in model years because dealers are trying to sell their older inventory to make room for these new models. As a result, dealers have the flexibility to offer great deals.

There are also times where you’re less likely to be able to negotiate a good deal. In February, March, April, and May, dealerships are usually busy and less concerned about meeting quotas. In February and March, customers start to receive their tax refunds and use them as down payments on new cars. When the weather starts to improve in April in May, customers feel more motivated to shop for a new car.

Be Prepared

Keep in mind that it’s important to do your research prior to walking into a dealership. Use online resources such as Edmunds, Autobytel, and Cars Direct to find out the market value of the car you’re interested in so you’re fully aware of what it’s worth before negotiating. It’s also a good idea to car shop when you have time as negotiating on a time crunch is never a good idea.

At the end of the day, you are in control of the vehicle you choose and the price you pay. By trusting the advice mentioned above, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the car of your choice at the price you want.

February 11, 2015 by launchadmin