How to Read a New Car’s Window Sticker

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you know that we always do what we can to help you save on your next car, but if you’re new here, you’re starting with just the right blog post. We are here to tell you how to read a new car’s window sticker and why it’s important for you to understand the information there.Window Sticker

Incentives, Add-Ons, and Options

There are quite a few different ways your final purchase price can end up inflated by a dealership, and you can usually haggle over many of them.

  • Options: Base prices are usually for stripped down models; be sure that the price you’re being quoted is for the trim level and features you want.
  • Add-ons: You might see a second sticker on the window in addition to the main one from the auto manufacturer, and it can list anything that the dealer has done to “improve” the car. If you don’t want these features and the dealership isn’t willing to budge, it’s in your best interest to go elsewhere, as they can run upwards of thousands of dollars.
  • Dealer incentives: Automakers often make dealerships special offers to sell specific cars, and if you know about the dealer incentives for a car you’re looking for, you can usually convince them to drop the price a bit, as you’ll know they are getting a special bonus for selling the car.
  • Customer rebates and cash back: Put simply, this is money that the automaker or dealer can give to the buyer, but some shady auto dealers may try to pocket that cash rather than tell you about it. Be sure you know your options and go to a dealer you trust.
  • Dealer prep: Out of all of the fees and adjustments, this is the one that most clearly translates to “we want more money.” Don’t settle for it.
  • Destination and delivery: This is what the manufacturer charges to ship the car to the dealer, which is often anywhere between $500 and $1,000. Always be sure to ask if the price you’re quoted includes destination and delivery or not.

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May 22, 2015 by launchadmin